Martin introduces P3 system controllers and software update

Harman has debuted its P3-175 and P3-275 system controllers, in addition to the P3 software update 6.0.0.

The P3 system controllers are designed to offer full control over P3-enabled fixtures from one central location, with automated mapping, scaling, configuring, and addressing of fixtures, eliminating the need to address fixtures locally.

The Martin P3-175 and P3-275 system controllers support video input up to 4K over HDMI and NDI, offering real-time to previews to illustrate how DMX controls and videos will be rendered on the fixtures, even when using a mix of control methods.

When using third-party software via the MVR standard, the P3 system controllers are able to import and export industry-standard files, enabling designs and patches to be shared between lighting consoles, CAD programs, visualisers and the Martin P3 ecosystem.

P3 software update

The P3 software update 6.0.0 offers a redesigned interface with improved support for darkened front of house and other performance-monitoring environments. The software enables real-time feedback and remote system monitoring, allowing integrators to diagnose problems before they occur.

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