Martin debuts ERA 150 wash moving-head and ELP PAR static wash

Harman Professional Solutions has introduced its ERA 150 wash moving-head and Martin ELP PAR static LED wash.

The ERA 150 Wash delivers 3,900 lumens via seven 40W RGBW light engine and optical system, designed to cover large stages that require long throw distances. 

The ELP PAR outputs 3,500 lumens with smart rigging options and control features, including omgega-bracket connectivity and clear angle projection indicators that allow for a rapid and repeatable installation. 

Both models feature full-gamut colour calibration systems for consistent colour reproduction from fixture to fixture, supporting a dedicated colour temperature control channel for adjusting the colour space from the desired colour temperature. 

Both lights also feature a wide zoom range of 4.2-58 degrees, with the ERA 150 Wash and ELP PAR demonstrating effectiveness in broad washes and high-intensity mid-air effects. 

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