Magewell to unveil streaming encoder at Infocomm China 2019

Magewell will unveil its Ultra Stream SDI streaming encoder, the Ultra Stream SDI model at the show, with a European debut to take place at IBC 2019.

The Ultra Stream encoders enable users to record or stream video with one click using on-device buttons or a smartphone app.

Users can livestream to services including Youtube, Facebook Live and Twitch or to a custom-specified RTMP server, recording video as files to a USB drive or the associated smartphone.

 Support for 3G and 4G USB modems is supported, allowing users to live stream over a mobile broadband connection.

Automated connectivity management switches between mobile broadband, wired Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity if the current network link is interrupted, with users able to stream to different targets simultaneously over separate connection methods.

A new AP mode enables Wi-Fi based smartphone control of Ultra Stream encoders in area without an existing accessible Wi-Fi network.

A new web interface is included, enabling users to control Ultra Stream encoders through a web browser, with a smartphone app providing a method of locally managing the device, with the browser-based interface enabling customers to remotely control the encoder from anywhere via VPN or access from a desktop computer over wired Ethernet.

Multi-level user management in the web interface is featured, allowing users to access administrator functions to be restricted to authorised users.

Control of Ultra Stream encoders can be integrated into software applications, with an API enabling leveraging of devices functionality to brand interfaces.

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