Magewell to highlight new device and stream management software at InfoComm 2023

Magewell will showcase its second-generation centralised device management software at the show, the Control Hub.

Control Hub is the successor to Magewell’s cloud platform, featuring an improved device management interface and expanded stream conversion capabilities. 

Deployable both on-premises or in the cloud, Control Hub will provide centralised configuration and control of multiple Magewell streaming and IP conversion sysems. 

Administrators, IT staff and systems integrators can mange multiple encoders and decoders across disparate loctions through a browser-based interface. An HTTP-based API is also available for third-party integration. 

The Control Hub software supports a rnge of Magewell hardware products including Ultra Stream and Ultra Encode live media encoders, Pro Convert NDI encoders and decoders, the Pro Convert Audio DX IP audio converter and the USB Fusion capture and mixing device. 

Users can remotely configure device parameters, monitor device status and trigger operational functions such as starting or stopping encoding. 

Batch firmware upgrades across multiple units of the same model can also be performed. 

The Control Hub’s redesigned user interace allows video from remote Ultra Stream, Ultra Encode and USB Fusion units to be previewed directly in the Control Hub interface without needing to open the individual device’s interface panel. 

Users can define presets for stream input sources and output targets, creating channels that map each input to one or more output protocols and destinations. Control Hub can convert between RTMP, SRT, RTSP and transport streams delivered over UDP or RTP. 

SRT Relay is now available as a channel mapping configuration that routes SRT inputs to SRT outputs, enabling SRT encoders and decoders to connect via Control Hub rather than direclty to each other. 

InfoComm 2023 will take place from 10-16 June 2023 at the Orange County Convention Centre, USA. 

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