Magewell debuts IP audio converter and capture device

Magewell has introduced its Pro Convert AES67 multi-format audio encoder, decoder and capture device, supporting a range of protocols and standards.

The Pro Convert AES67 supports AES67, NDI and SRT, and can convert between different IP media technologies while also offering a bridge between analogue audio, software and IP networks. 

The device can convert IP-based audio between AES67, NDI and SRT to enable mixed-technology local and remote production workflows that combine third-party products supporting different standards and formats. 

Analogue audio can also be encoded into AES67, NDI or SRT streams. IP audio streams can be decoded into any of the aforementioned formats and protocls for analogue output. 

Stereo 3.5mm input and output connections are included, alongside 4.4mm balanced stereo I/O, as well as XLR connectivity through included breakout cables. 

When connected via USB to a laptop or desktop computer, the Pro Convert AES67 can also operate as a ‘plug and play’ audio capture device, using standard USB audio class compatibility to enable driver-free setup alongside compatibility with video conferencing, streaming and production software. 

AAC stream encoding and transmission is included as well as AAC and MP3 stream receiving and decoding for audio streaming applications. 

Additionally, a virtual audio matrix can be accessed through the device’s browser-based user interace, enabling routing or mixing of any analogue or IP-based input channel to any analogue, IP or UAC output. Encoding and processing parameters can be configured through the web interface, with centralised configuration and control of multiple Pro Convert units via the Magewell Cloud multi-device management software. 

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