Magenta research announces fibre “breakthrough”

Magenta Research has announced its new FiberMax Engine technology, which it says represents a breakthrough in the transmission of bandwidth intensive video, audio, USB and auxiliary signal types over industry standard fibre optics.

Signal distribution products using the FiberMax Engine will enable customers to distribute multi-format high bandwidth signals over fibre at significantly lower costs.

According to Magenta, the FiberMax Engine is an ultra high-speed data sequencing and streaming engine capable of driving standard SFP optics at maximum efficiency.

The resulting benefit is the unique capability of simultaneously transmitting uncompressed 1920x1200 video with HDCP at 60Hz, USB 2.0 at 480Mbps, 8‐Channel 24-bit DTS-HD Master Audio, bi-directional RS-232, IR and CEC, all on industry standard SFP optics and cabling. The distance range supported while transmitting all these signal types at their maximum performance is over 6600ft/2KM with multimode optics and 18.75MI/30KM with singlemode optics.