Mackie launches V-Class loudspeakers

Mackie has unveiled its SRM V-Class series performance powered louspeakers, featuring advanced DSP technology and an all-wood enclosure. The series is comprised of three models: the SRM210 V-Class, SRM212 V-Class and SRM215 V-Class with 10-in, 12-in and 15-in low frequency transducers respectively.

The loudspeakers feature a 1.4-in polymer high-frequency driver to provide an almost flat response, with the Sym-X horn included to to produce minimal distortion. 

All models in the SRM V-Class feature a 2,000 watt Class D amplifier, with the amplifier’s universal power supply (100 to 240 VAC) including power factor correction for stable operation when AC power is unstable. 

A dedicated processing module is featured to monitor and protect the amplifier in real time, with multi-band compression targeting specific frequency ranges to prevent system overloading. 

Mackie’s Advanced Impulse DSP proprietary acoustic tuning is also included to produce sound across a dispersion area of 60 degrees (H) by 40 degrees (V.) 

A crossover and transducer time-alignment feature is included, with Mackie’s proprietary intelligent bass management technology using processing power to keep the low end in check and maintain clear sound. 

The SRM212 V-Class offers up to 135 dB SPL between 42 Hz and 20 kHz, while the SRM215 V-Class powers out up to 136 dB SPL between 40 Hz and 20 Hz. 

The back panel features SRM Mix Control, with a built-in four channel digital mixer with two channels equipped with a mic/line/instrument combo input, a 1/8-in stereo aux input and a stereo Bluetooth input. 

Mackie SRM212 Rear

A full colour display enables single-knob access to mixer and processing parameters, with channel levels and EQ, amplification and venue-specific voicing modes in addition to an alignment delay. 

Up to 10 user presets can be saved and recalled, with the system able to be locked with a four digit passcode.

Wireless control available with the Mackie SRM Connect app for iOS and Android, providing access to adjustments and settings.

Two SRM V-Class loudspeakers can be wirelessly linked with up to 100 metres of range between the linked speakers, allowing the speakers to operate in stereo or as dual zones. 

In addition, the SRM V-Class loudspeakers feature a dual-angle pole mount and an angled cabinet design, allowing them to be used free standing, pole mounted or as a floor monitor. 

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