Mackie introduces ProDX wireless digital mixers

Mackie has announced a line of ultra-compact digital mixers with complete wireless control, called the ProDX Series.

The line features two models, the 4-channel ProDX4 and the 8-channel ProDX8. With wireless streaming and control, and a control app for iOS and Android.

Both mixers are equipped with Mackie's Wide-Z mic preamps. These combo inputs allow connection of mic, line and instruments and require no gain adjustment. Using the companion MixerConnect control app, users can unlock processing and total wireless control plus the ability to wirelessly play back music from any Bluetooth capable device.
ProDX mixers have built-in hardware that allows control over any channel and output via a single knob. This is perfect for applications such as restaurants, commercial applications, that have many users that only need quick level adjustment with virtually no learning curve and often in dimly lit or tight spaces.
In addition to the quick front panel hardware, ProDX mixers provide wireless control over everything from EQ and FX to voicing and mix presets using the MixerConnect app available for iOS and Android devices. This allows the mixer to be stored safely and out of sight without losing any control. Both models feature an integrated control bridge, offering a convenient place to set a phone or tablet at the right angle for keeping an eye on the mix.

The Mackie ProDX4 and ProDX will be available worldwide beginning April, 2016.

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