LynTec announces smart switch sets for power control

LynTec has announced its Smart Switch sets, offering PoE and Ethernet connectivity control LynTec RPC, RPCR, LCP, NPAC and XPC’s individual zones.

The smart switch can be programmed vi LynTec’s web-based interface to identify specific panels and zones of LynTec’s power distribution systems, complementing the GUI experience within LynTec’s range of web-enabled panels.

Integrators can target specific panels and zones without wiring back to the panel, allowing for installation of smart switches at multiple locations to control the panel on the same or different zones, with each switch set displaying the current zone status.

By connecting to standard SS-2 switches, control can be expanded to two zones.

The smart switches are available as both wall plate switches or as a mountable rack plate for control at an equipment rack.

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