LynTec announces Platformatics PoE building control integration

LynTec has announced that Platformatics has selected LynTec’s RPCR web-enabled relay panels as part of a corporate installation.

The installation marks the first use case of LynTec power control integration with a PoE lighting control system.

LynTec’s RPCR panels are designed to add circuit control in a relay panel, combining relay functionality with a built-in web server to add remote electrical control to applications including LED lighting, powered amplifiers and energy management programs.

The RPCR panels add on/off control to existing circuit breaker panel installations and are compatible with a variety of control systems including ETC, Crestron and AMX.

The units also offer relay control directly via TCP/IP, DMX, RS-232 or contact closure control systems.  

The integrated RPCR panel controls plug loads in offices and conference rooms, managed by Platformatics control software and sensors


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