Lumens launches VC-B11U 4K video conference camera

Lumens has unveiled the VC-B11U video conference camera for small-to-medium size meeting rooms.

The VC-B11U is equipped with 4K Ultra HD sensor and advanced WDR technology.

Whether in low light or direct light, it ensures everyone will be seen clearly in a video conference. In a video call, movement can be visually disturbing.

The VC-B11U has a focusing mechanism that allows the focus function to be completely stable even with major movement in an online meeting.

Also, the VC-B11U has auto framing features that can detect everyone in a 120° wide angle. It ensures all participants are framed in a perfect view.

Thanks to the built-in sensitive dual microphones, the VC-B11U can effectively capture the human voice up to 5 metres, ensuring everyone is heard clearly. In addition, the mini remote controller allows users to operate it with one hand. The camera controller features auto framing, preset and ePTZ functions. Also, users may customise the image quality or control the camera with Lumens software.

The camera is compatible with the latest 3rd party conferencing platforms, such as Zoom, skype, or Google Meet, etc.

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