Lumens launches 4JK/1080p AVoIP product range

Lumens has introduced its AVoIP product family, unveiling an OIP 1Gbps solution including encoders, decoders and a controller.

Two models of encoders are available (OIP-D50E and OIP-40E) as well as two models of decoders (OIP-D50D, OIP-D40D) as well as an OIP-D50C controller, providing 4K/1080p AV signals over long distances through standard IP networks.

The OIP-D50E/D50D 4K AVoIP encoder and decoder provides 4K@30Hz 4:4:4 video quality signals without visible delay, using lossless compression technology to shrink 4K video sizes without losing video quality at speed, with the OIP-D40E/D40D encoder and decoder supports a resolution up to 1080p.

The OIP-D50C controller allows users to manage all encoders and decoders remotely, providing options to monitor and control video distribution via a web GUI. Users can drag and drop the video source to display, changing content in line with presentation needs. Videowalls can also be set up via the OIP-D50C.

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