Lumens introduces HD PTZ USB camera and speakerphone kit

Lumens Integration has introduced the VC-B20UA HD PTZ USB camera along with a speakerphone kit. The VC-B20UA supports USB 3.0 which allows for non-compressed and no latency 1080p/60pfs video.

The kit comes with a Jabra USB speakerphone. Additionally, the speakerphone kit comes with a built-in omni-directional microphone. The voice coverage is 360 degrees enabling hands free collaboration and allows attendees to hear and be heard from all angles. The camera can be controlled remotely by software through USB and RS-232. The VCB20UA camera and speakerphone kit is applicable for videoconferencing in a huddle room or medium sized conference room.

The VC-B20UA HD PTZ USB camera and speakerphone kit will be available in Q3.

The VC-AC03 wall mount accessory for the camera is available for purchase.  

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