Lumens cameras now certified for ClickShare CX products

Lumens has announced that its VC-TR40 auto-tracking camera and VC-R30 auto-framing cameras are now certified for ClickShare CX products.

The cameras join more than a dozen Lumens models that are now certified by Barco.

The VC-TR40 features AI-powered face recognition and gesture control technology to track subjects without using additional software. Auto-framing and partition-framing technology are also used to automatically zoom, capturing all guests in view.

A stage tracking mode is included, enabling the VC-TR40 to plan left and right to follow a presenter without a defined area.

Everywhere tracking mode is also available, allowing the camera to continuously track the presenter’s movements left, right, forwards and backwards.

The VC-R30 is suited to AV, video production, and live events and is equipped with a professional 1/2.8-in image sensor.

It has a smooth robotic camera movement and 12x optical zoom lens. An intelligent autofocus system is designed to allow the VC-R30 to deliver sharp pictures even when the camera is in motion or when the zoom angle changes.

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