Lumens announces LC200 media processor

Lumens has debuted its LC200 CaptureVision system, designed for recording, saving videos and creating live stream content.

The LC200 allows users to record videos at full HD 1080P with users able to mix, encode and also switch between video sources, add overlays and background, broadcasting the mixed videos to social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Kaltura and Panopto. 

The system supports capturing of a variety of video sources, with up to four HDMI or three IP video input sources including HDMI inputs, Lumens IP camera, NDI|HX camera and RTSP streams. 

Four line-in/Mic-in inputs are also included as well as a multi-view director which allows users to  use user-defined scenes that contain picture-in-picture, picture-behind-picture layout, title, logo, overlays and backgrounds.

The LC200 offers one Terabyte of internal hard drive storage to accommodate additional AV content and support for media storage in the external USB devices.

A scheduling feature is also included, allowing users to schedule events to record and stream video content through Outlook or Google Calendar. 

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