LR24 line array from Alcons now available

Originally demoed at ProLight & Sound, the LR24 pro-ribbon line-array from Alcons is now available. It is a 3-way line-source sound system, to be used as vertical array, either in stacked or flown configuration.

The LR24 is loaded with Alcons’ proprietary pro-ribbon technology for mid and high frequencies.

The HF section features the RBN1402rsr pro-ribbon driver with 14in voice-coil. The purpose-designed RBN1402rsr driver features 4 product patents.

The LR24 has a linear frequency response from 51Hz to 20.000Hz (-3dB), where the low-end control can be extended by the LB24 double-12in bass array-extension with the same cabinet foot print. The horizontal dispersion of 80-degrees is maintained down to 190Hz. The vertical dispersion enables a maximum cabinet splay angle of 6-degrees, still maintaining complete wavefront coherency without any disruption or lobing up to 20.000Hz.

The LR24 is element of a complete, application-configurable package, including the LB24 bass array- extension, BC543 triple 18in cardioid subwoofer system, Sentinel amplified loudspeaker controller, ARC 3D-simulation tool and system connection and transport logistics.

The LR24 comes with a 6-year warranty.

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