Loxit secures iPads in Lapbank

Loxit Products, an AV/ICT security and mount specialist, has developed an iPad Trolley to handle 16 or 32 of the Apple tablet products.

The Lapbank iPad Trolley is designed for schools and training centres, retail and corporate environments. It can provide secure storage, syncing and charging.

It is manufactured from welded steel, includes safe locks, full-length piano hinges and anti-jemmy bar design. A spare shelf is provided to house a host laptop (e.g. MacBook Pro) if required. A high security docking system can attach the trolley to the fabric of the building.

Sync management is via USB connectivity from the high quality electronics to the host computer. Once the USB is connected, the registered devices will be listed in the iTunes account and automatically synchronised.

When syncing is complete, the cable is removed, the host computer is stowed away on the laptop shelf and the charge button is pressed. The door is locked and the iPads are left secure whilst charging.

Charging is managed by the Lapbank Intelligent Charge System, which includes the Charge Status Indicator and an integrated Power Management system which automatically prevents overcharging of batteries, and disconnects the power when iPads are charged.

A blue flashing light, visible from outside of the trolley indicates when the iPads are fully charged, ready for use.

Customised products are available for other tablet manufacturers including Dell Streak and Galaxy Tab.

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