Low cost paging system

The new Australian Monitor Zoner 16 is a low cost 16 zone paging system. It differs from the rest of the Australian Monitor zone products, as it is an output switching system rather than a matrix switcher like the Digipage, ZRM4 and ZoneMix3 products.

The main difference is that with conventional matrix switchers like the Digipage, an amplifier is required per zone. With the Zoner 16 however, the most basic system can use a single amplifier to cover up to 16 zones.

Essentially, the Zoner 16 is a 100v line speaker switcher with a zone paging microphone and the capability to support a background music source.

The Zoner 16 also features an Emergency Mic Input so that a security mic like the new AM DFM Fist Mic (or an emergency signal) can run through the Zoner 16 and (via a contact closure) is automatically routed to all zones.

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