Looking Glass Factory ships 8K ’˜holographic’ display

Looking Glass Factory is shipping its 8K immersive display powered by light field technology and offering 33.2 million pixels and more than a one billion count colour gamut at 60Hz.

The display does not require head-tracking or VR or AR headsets and is suitable for companies that want to view or interact with 3D content in areas such as engineering, mapping/GIS, medical imaging and entertainment.

The Looking Glass 8K’s hardware and software were developed by optics experts,Looking Glass 8k display with mapping content electrical engineers, and software developers in US company Looking Glass Factory.

R. Scott Rader, GM of additive manufacturing at GE Healthcare, said: "Presenting anatomy and disease pathology in 3D on 2D screens happens every day, but being able to share 3D lightfield imagery with a Looking Glass to a clinical care team, residents/fellows, patients, and other allied health care workers is one exciting potential solution to translating seeing to knowing, fast.”

Kim Libreri, CTO of Epic Games, said: “Having access to a glasses-free holographic display is a massive breakthrough, and presents an exciting prospect for teams working in immersive computer graphics, visualisation and content creation.”
Looking Glass 8K display with team looking at scientific model

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