Looking Glass Factory announces holographic workstation

Looking Glass Factory has unveiled the Looking Glass Pro: A holographic workstation, a 3D visualisation holographic interface, designed for use in 3D design and simulation, volumetric and 360 3D video capture, medical visualisation, education and more.

The Looking Glass Pro features a suite of software tools for commercial use, including the HoloPlay Unity SDK, HoloPlay Plugin for Unreal and the three.js Looking Glass library.

A 15.6-in lightfield display is included with an embedded computer for standalone functionality, as well as integrated 15.6-in touchscreen, secondary fold-out 2D display for UI navigation and a Leap Motion controller for 3D spatial interaction.

The Looking Glass Pro library features a sample app library containing holographic apps in the system, using some of the apps to display and interact with user generated content holographically through the 3D model and animation viewer app or the lightfield photo app.

A commercial version of Looking Glass Unity, Unreal and three.js SDKs can be used to generate holographic apps for the Looking Glass Pro.

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