Logitech unveils Brio 500 series webcams and Zone Vibe headphones for hybrid working

Logitech has unveiled its Brio 500 webcams and Zone Vibe headphones, designed for hybrid working environments.

Brio 500 webcams 

The Brio 500 webcams include a Show Mode function that enables sketches to be shared, alongside other physical objects on a desk. The webcams feature a mounting system and built-in sensor that enables users to tilt the camera down to focus on objects, automatically flipping an image to render the correct orientation into video calls. 

RightSight technology is also used to automatically frame a user, even while moving around, correcting substandard lighting automatically. 

Zone Vibe headphones 

Logitech’s Zone Vibe series headphones are available in graphite, off-white and rose colours, designed to be used for all-day collaboration with colleagues. The headphones use knitted fabric and memory foam for additional comfort.  


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