Logitech RightSight 2 offers remote participants a better view of meetings

Logitech has announced RightSight 2 software that simultaneously presents both a close-up view of the individual speaker and a view of the entire meeting room during video calls.

With RightSight 2 auto-framing technology, far-end participants can follow the active speaker while also getting situational context from the group, such as one person gesturing to another or writing on a whiteboard.

RightSight 2 combines audio and video intelligence to detect people’s placement in the room and the location of their voices. Speaker View is a new mode that uses the two-camera system in Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini to render a picture-in-picture view of the active speaker and the whole group. The active speaker is framed using the main camera that pans and zooms smoothly as the speaker changes, while the wide-angle AI Viewfinder frames the room, ensuring remote participants can see and hear all meeting exchanges clearly. IT admins have the flexibility to toggle between Speaker View and Group View (RightSight’s original implementation of auto-framing).

Compatible with all of Logitech’s major cloud video conferencing partners, Right Sight 2’s Speaker view will work as picture-in-picture mode with Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android and Windows, and integrates into Zoom Rooms multi-stream technology.

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