Livepeer aims to cut the cost of live streaming for AV businesses

Livepeer Studio has unveiled a video streaming platform offering a combination of quality and cost-efficiency to content creators, media and entertainment brands, enterprises, houses of worship,

Livepeer Studio enables providers to step away from using traditional cloud giants and tap into a decentralised network architecture, driving down video transcoding and delivery fees by up to 80%. 

Content creators and media businesses have traditionally required the support of cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google or Microsoft and content delivery networks (CDN) like Akamai, Cloudflare and Edgio to stream live video to global audiences across multiple devices. However, this results in high costs, making it difficult for streaming companies to experiment and scale their operations while also achieving profitability. 

Livepeer Studio enables content providers to take advantage of a secure, decentralised blockchain marketplace for transcoding and distributing live video, reducing costs and thereby democratising access to high-quality streaming. This means that growing video businesses can cost-effectively build and scale new streaming products at significantly lower financial risk.

Meanwhile, established streaming companies that want to experiment with new engagement strategies, user-generated content, or gaming services can trial and launch offerings on the fly without incurring heavy video delivery costs.

Livepeer Studio is built on the foundation of the Livepeer Network, a globally available open video infrastructure. The Livepeer Network incorporates thousands of participants who contribute computing resources toward transcoding and distributing video, ensuring high reliability and low latency delivery while reducing the total cost for content providers.

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