Listen Technologies and Ampetronic debut Auri assistive listening system at ISE 2024

Listen Technologies and Ampetronic highlighted Auri, an assistive listening system utilising Auracast broadcast audio technology.

Auracast is a new standard for Bluetooth low energy audio, broadcasting audio simultaneously to a scalable number of Auracast compatible devices such as receivers, hearing aids, earbuds and smartphones.

Auri, is the first Auracast broadcast audio-based system designed for assistive listening, enabling Auracast compatible devices to connect to transmitters in public spaces, receiving low latency, energy-efficient audio.

Auri will include networked installed transmitters for large and small spaces, as well as dedicated receivers and charging bases in addition to a complete line of accessories such as headphones, neck loops and network management and configuration software.

The system will provide multi-channel broadcast options in addition to support for open or secure audio transmission.

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