Listen bolsters IR range

Listen Technologies has expanded its IR technology offerings with the LT-84 ListenIR transmitter-radiator,LA-141 ListenIR extended-radiator and iDSP IR receiver.

The LT-84 ListenIR Transmitter-Radiator can cover 2,700 sq metres with one unit and features delay compensation.

It is a two-channel Transmitter-Radiator with up to four frequencies (2.3 MHz, 2.8 MHz, 3.3 MHz, or 3.8 MHz). Mounting hardware and legislative compliance kit is included.

Up to four LA-141 Extended-Radiators can be added to the LT-84 for additional coverage. And, when coupled with iDSP IR Receivers, the experience includes enhanced management and storage tools.

Listen has also expanded its iDSP (Intelligent Digital Signal Processing) offerings with a new IR version, joining the previously introduced iDSP RF 72 MHz receivers (LR-4200-072 Intelligent DSP RF receiver and LR-5200-072 advanced intelligent DSP RF receiver).

The iDSP IR receiver features an integrated neck loop/lanyard; streamlined dispensing, collecting and care; and lithium-ion battery technology.

IDSP IR receivers can be programmed with unique display names and the iDSP software allows venue inventory management.

A USB port facilitates software set-up and updates. System components include the charging tray, which can be mounted in several ways; charging case; optional cable management system; earphones ; log book; setup/inventory software; and signage.

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