Linea Research introduces 48M Series

Linea Research has launched its 8-channel 48M Series networked DSP amplifiers.

The manufacturer’s range of 8-channel amplifiers offer built-in DSP and networked control, with power ratings of 400W, 750W and 1250 W per channel. The amplifiers can provide the same rated power into 2, 4, or 8 Ohm loads or into 70/100v line systems, are configurable on a channel by channel basis.

Ethernet networking and 96 kHz DSP also feature, with digital audio connectivity provided by the built-in AES3 interface or an optional DanteTM module.

Speaking on their potential, Davey Smalley, sales director of Linea Research, said: “In an installation you could bridge a pair of channels to drive a sub, add a couple of bi-amp speakers for left and right, switch output seven into 70v mode for some ceiling speakers in the lobby and still have one channel left for a monitor send or choir fill.”

The three models of the 48 Series – the 48M03 (400W), 48M06 (750W) and the 48M10 (1250W) – are now shipping.

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