Lindy launches Cat.6A S/FTP locking network cable

Lindy has launched a specialised locking network cable that expands its portfolio of network security devices.

The Cat.6A S/FTP locking network cable is fitted with a locking system that prevents the removal of the plug form the socket. When the plug is inserted into the socket, a sliding lock engages over the release catch. With this engaged, it is impossible to release the cable from the socket without the matching key. The key is supplied with each cable on a key ring.

The product has support for bandwidth up to 500MHz and features a snaggles design with gold plated contacts for ethernet standards up to 10 GBase-T. Internally, the cable is shielded with braid as an overall shield and then foil shielded for the individual wire pairs giving resistance to external interference. The Cat.6A S/FTP locking network cable is available in lengths between 0.3 and 20 metres. A grey finish is provided for all lengths.

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