Lightware upgrades security for collaborative networking

Lightware Visual Engineering is strengthening the security profiles of its product range as collaborative applications continue to rise in popularity.

With unprotected AV network applications, data is vulnerable to intrusions from the Internet. By separating sensitive data from Internet connectivity, all users of Lightware’s universal matrix switcher, Taurus UCX, can access the Internet without risking security breaches. 

The Isolated Ethernet Networks (port-based VLAN setting) feature allows AV integrators and IT administrators to decide which networks are connected to the USB-C ports of Taurus UCX, as well as which networks the connected devices can use. By working in this way, connected devices can be separated from the corporate network, increasing network security.

The application can be customised and offers three modes:

·       Transparent: this is the default mode, with a network openly used by Taurus UCX and the BYOD devices

·       Separated BYOD: the network provided for the BYOD devices is separated from the control network

·       Dedicated: each connected BYOD device has access to an independent and dedicated Ethernet network.

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