Lightware unveils HDBaseT extenders

Lightware has introduced the UMX-TPS range of products with includes HDBaseT extenders as well as wall and floor plates. The devices transmit multiple video formats at resolutions up to 4K up to a distance of 170m over a single CAT cable.

The products support digital and analog video as well as audio including VGA, YPbPr, HDMI 1.4 and DP1.1 with analog stereo embedded 7.1 HBR audio. All UMX-TPS products are also HDCP compliant and provide factory, custom and transparent EDID emulation. This allows for the resolutions from sources to be fixed to the desired output requirements. Remote and local powering is also available.

The devices are also mountable on racks. The ensure interoperability, the UMX-TPS-TX140 is compatible with other Ligthware products such as Lightware’s TPS extenders and modular matrix switchers. The Lightware UMX-TPS-TX140 will be showcased at Integrate 2014 and the product is targeted for application in small board rooms and classrooms.

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