Lightware releases input/output boards for TPS format

Lightware has released new products to support its TPS format in 8x8 to 80x80 MX series chassis.

TPS is the company’s version of HDBaseT with extension of video, audio, Ethernet, RS232 and power over a CAT cable.

Lightware eight channel TPS input/output boards support standard video resolutions including UHD/4K. 

With a full HD signal these cards can extend from 150-180m, whereas with a UHD/4K signal they extend from 100-120m over a single CAT5/6/7. 

The company also offers analogue or digital audio embedding/de-embedding along with an in-built test pattern generation tool for commissioning and debugging.

Lightware control software allows users to measure multiple signal parameters and timing information and also includes a built-in tool for measuring the quality and distance of a CAT run. 

Additional features include an HDCP enable/disable function, colour space conversion and equalisation settings.

The HDMI-TPS-TX/RX90 transmitter pair can be used in conjunction with the input/output boards above to provide end to end extension and routing of up to UHD/4K. 

They can also be used point-to-point and provide extension of HDMI video, audio, Ethernet, RS232, IR and power over just one CAT 5/6/7.

Lightware also announced that it would soon release another version, the DVI-TPS-TX/RX90 that adds a DVI connector. This unit also carries an HDMI signal with embedded audio over the DVI connector.

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