Lightware releases EDID Manager V4

Lightware has released version four of its EDID Manager, an HDCP compatible HDMI/DVI EDID Emulator and cable extender with USB control.

It can store 80 EDIDs and emulates and keeps a fixed EDID for the source. Advanced EDID Management allows the device to trick the DVI source (PC computer, laptop, etc.) by emulating any DVI display (LCD monitor, projector) for continuous video output - even if the AV system is disconnected or powered down.

In emulating an EDID, the user can set up any DVI or HDMI output resolution, regardless of the used projector or monitor. This ensures that the overall system resolution can be controlled. EDID memories 01 to 49 are factory preset and memories 51 to 79 are user programmable. Memory 00 is transparent which means that the attached display device's EDID (monitor or projector) will be reported back to the source. In this mode the unit works as a simple repeater. The EDID Manager automatically compensates for up to 60 meters of DVI copper cable at 22AWG.

HDCP enable/disable function turns off the unit's HDCP capability. Some computers choose to encrypt their output even when non-protected content is displayed, such as desktop images or presentations. This function forces the source to send an unencrypted signal if the content itself is also unprotected. It therefore helps technicians to integrate such laptops into a non-HDCP AV environment.

With the Easy EDID Creator (PC software) users can create their own EDID in four steps. More experienced users can use the Advanced EDID Editor software to manage every possible setting in the EDID, which they can upload to the memory of the EDID Manager.

 Rental and staging
 Post production studios
 Control room
 Digital Signage
 Multiroom video
 Conference rooms, collaborative telepresence

 HDCP compliant
 HDCP enable/disable function
 80 EDID memories 29 of them user programmable
 Up to 60 meters cable loss compensation at Input
 Keeps source's HDMI or DVI output continuously active
 Signal detection, source detection and monitor detection LEDs
 USB control
 Locking DC connector

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