Lightware introduces HDMI-TPS ‘86’ & ‘87’ series of HDMI extenders

Lightware has announce the arrival of its HDMI-TPS ‘86’ & ‘87’ series of HDMI extenders.

The devices (HDMI-TPS-TX86, HDMI-TPS-RX86, HDMI-TPS-TX87 and HDMI-TPS-RX87) offer the same benefits as the ‘96’ and ‘97’ series, such as full HDCP and EDID compliance and the capability to extend video (up to 4K30), audio and Bi-directional RS-232 and IR up to a range of 170m over a single CATx cable.

Compared to the ‘96’ & ‘97’ series, the exclusion of the Ethernet pass-through feature makes these devices a competitive choice and suitable for applications and projects where Ethernet capabilities aren’t needed.


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