Lightware extenders target rental and pro users

Lightware has announced its DVI-OPT 220-Pro series extenders that can transmit DVI-D signals over multimode fibre cables up to 2,600m.

The products are designed for rental and professional use and utilise Single Fibre Technology to transmit the DVI-D signal over only one multimode 50/125 fibre core. Sources and display devices are galvanically isolated against ground loops and hum effects, and no delay occurs in the signal, the video image is transported without any frame latency. Lightware has also employed Neutrik OpticalCON fibre connectors that are compatible with standard LC connectors.

In a standalone application DVI-OPT-TX220-Pro and DVI-OPT-RX220-Pro can work together. Furthermore with Lightware’s hybrid modular matrix concept, it is possible to connect extender boxes directly to the matrix router using an MX-DVI-OPT series input or output board.