Lightware debuts new USB-C extender cables with 8-10-m lengths

Lightware has introduced two new USB-C extender active optical cables in eight and 10 metre lengths, launching the CAB-USBC-AOC800K and the CAB-USBC-AOC1000K.

The cables are compatible with major operating systems, supporting USB 3 Gen2 10Gbps for high-speed data transfer use cases such as 4K webcam use and transfer to and from SSD storage.

The cables feature a screw lock USB-C plug to ensure a secure connection to Lightware’s Taurus UCX universal matrix switcher and to prevent accidental disconnections during operation.

Both cables include a two-lane DisplayPort 1.4 alt mode that supports high-resolution video output up to 4K30Hz@HBR2, with a minimum 60W/3 charging capacity to allow for charging of laptops, tablets, and phones. Both models are equipped with eMarker chip, which records data speed and higher amperage.

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