Lightware configurable matrix switcher frames

Lightware is targeting multiroom and medical applications with its range of configurable matrix switcher frames. The MX-DVI-FR16, MX-DVI-FR32, MX-DVI-FR32R and MX-FR80R support DVI 1.0 and HDMI 1.3.

The matrix switchers offer up to 80 inputs and up to 80 outputs in four different frame sizes. Built-in software and hardware features are designed to make the router a flexible and integrated solution for AV professionals.

A modular design allows the switcher to be customised in different I/O sizes from 8x8 to up to 80x80. Each Input and Output board contains eight channels, except for the Dual Link DVI I/O boards, which have four channels per board.

One source can be viewed on multiple destination at the same time. The number of crosspoints is not limited and crosspoint switching is done instantly without any frame delay or frame latency. Any input can be tied to any or all outputs.

Furthermore, any type of input signal (fibre optical, DVI, HDMI or Cat5..Cat7) can be tied to any type of output connector (fibre optical, DVI, HDMI or Cat5..Cat7).

The matrix frame provides interoperability between different types of boards and various combinations of I/O boards can be used in the same frame at the same time.

The MX-DVI-FR32R and MX-FR80R are equipped with N+1 redundant power supplies to ensure continuous continuos operation. In case of power supply failure, the supplies can be hot swapped.

Control options are provided by front panel buttons; RS-232 / RS-422; TCP/IP Ethernet; built-in website. All frames are Vista Spyder and Barco Encore compatible.

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