Lightware announces universal input board

Lightware Visual Engineering has created a ‘universal input board’ for its range of modular matrix switchers allowing for both analogue and digital connectivity.

Input formats supported include both DVI and HDMI 1.3a (with or without HDCP, deep colour and embedded audio), analogue VGA (RGBHV) and YPbPr component. Video resolutions of up to and including 1080p60 are also supported whilst any non-standard resolutions can be programmed directly by the user.

Advanced EDID management software has also been incorporated and extended for analogue formats and all VGA/component signals are precisely converted to digital before being routed through the switch.

More features include the ability to fine-tune picture adjustments such as the Hpos, Vpos, Hsize and Vsize and saved as preset with manual or automatic gain and colour offset control. An optional interface board for S/PDIF and analogue stereo audio embedding/de-embedding helps to make this product a complete solution for audio and video connectivity. 

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