Lightware and Sennheiser partner to create meeting room systems

Lightware Visual Engineering has announced a partnership with Sennheiser to deliver an AV system that caters to the nature of modern meetings.

The partnership is part of Lightware’s ongoing expansion in the meeting and conferencing markets, focusing on delivering products designed for hybrid working environments.

Lightware and Sennheiser are joining forces to develop an AV system to feature Sennheiser’s ceiling microphones, such as the TCC2, which are equipped with technology to capture high-quality voice and beamforming technology that provides information about the direction of the sound source. When integrated with Lightware’s Taurus UCX, which employs Lightware Advanced Room Automation (LARA), this integrated system will process the information from the Sennheiser Ceiling microphone and control a PTZ camera to visually track the voice source.

The technology will ensure that remote meeting participants can clearly see and hear who is speaking at any given moment. It will also feature built-in intelligence to detect multiple speakers and adapt camera focus accordingly. In instances of silence, it also provides a comprehensive view of the room – a capability essential for holding successful meetings in medium to large meeting rooms where participants also attend remotely.


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