Lightware adds USB-C connectivity with Taurus UCX HC40

Lightware Visual Engineering has launched Taurus UCX HC40, a video switcher to simplify 4K video, audio, and control signal transmission, while providing power over a single USB-C connection

As with the previous UCX devices, Taurus UCX HC40 makes AV setups cleaner and more efficient, by reducing the use of cables and connectors, with data speeds of up to 5 Gbps thanks to USB 3.1 Gen1.

The new Taurus variant brings an improved USB Hub, providing faster connections and enhanced compatibility with non-compliant USB devices and extenders. It also includes a front live LED for status monitoring and the ability to configure internal pull-up/pull-down for Room Occupancy (OCS); more flash storage space, particularly advantageous for Lightware's LARA; and a new vent hole design for efficient passive and noiseless cooling that keeps devices running at the optimal temperature without a whisper.

Users who connect their laptop or other mobile devices via USB-C can charge up to 100W (120W total), thus eliminating the need to look for a wall plug and avoiding sudden meetings interruptions. Mac users can also enjoy an updated USB-Ethernet gateway for MacBook M1/M2 compatibility.

In November 2023, a Dante-version of the Taurus UCX 4x2 variant, known as the UCX-4x2-HC40D, will come with support for Dante/AES67 network connection, enabling the immediate de-embedding of audio signals from the HDMI source. These audio signals can be sent directly to an external audio system that is Dante/AES67 compatible. 

The UCX-4x3-HC40BD product version, which will have the bidirectional Dante feature, will be available in early 2024.

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