Lightware adds USB KVM functions to TPS extenders

Lightware has added USB KVM capability to its TPS extender range with the UMX-TPS-TX140K and HDMI-TPS-RX220AK.

TPS extenders allow users to extend 4K@60Hz signals over distances up to 170m using a single Cat cable. They are suited to conference rooms, educational spaces and control rooms. 

The USB KVM compatibility allows utilisation of controls via keyboard and mouse in a point-to-point extension between these devices. Both the UMX-TPS-TX140K and the HDMI-TPS-RX220AK [pictured below] can be integrated into Cisco VC rooms with controls by using the built-in Event Manager and to the Advanced Control Feature pack.
Lightware hdmi-tps-rx220ak_axo

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