Liberty announces 8x8 matrix

Liberty AV Solutions is now offering the Intelix model DIGI-VGA-SD-8x8 Twisted Pair Matrix.

Combining an audio/video switcher with Intelix’s twisted pair extenders, the device provides eight analogue video and stereo inputs that can be distributed to eight twisted pair outputs in any combination. Suited for applications that incorporate a diverse collection of components within a single AV system, the 8x8 matrix eliminates long, unwieldy cable runs.
The 8x8 matrix is outfitted with eight HD15 connectors for use with VGA video as well as eight 1/8-inch mini (3.5 mm) stereo audio connectors. With the addition of an accessory breakout cable, the unit is also compatible with high-definition component, composite, and Y/C video.
Using the built-in twisted pair extenders found on each output channel, UXGA (1600x1200) distribution is provided up to 350 feet, while HD component signals up to1080i HD travel up to 1,000 feet without the need for any external little black boxes. 

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