LGE announces new LCDs

LG Electronics Business Solutions has announced the launch of its LED LCD E50 monitor series, which boasts green technology, a range of smart functions and a super high-resolution picture.

The secret behind LG’s Super Plus Resolution is the IC (Image Clear) Engine chip, which uses a Full HD-compatible single-frame algorithm to get rid of frame delay without the need for any external memory or software. The IC Engine also includes a shoot control function that suppresses overexposure in photographs to produce a more natural and refined finish.

The E50 series is designed for convenient use with Ez control OSD and has a smart package featuring Dual web, Auto bright, Cinema mode and Original ratio. Their Dual Web feature, meanwhile, allows users to divide the screen in two, making it possible to check multiple online sources while working on Microsoft Office documents at the same time. In addition, thanks to LG’s LED technology, the LED E50 monitors are 17.5mm in depth and up to one-third lighter than other CCFL-backlit monitors on the market.

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