LG Smart Hybrid Cooler hits the market

Exertis, a distributor of technology products for the B2B, mobile and retail markets, has announced its distribution of the LG Smart Hybrid Cooler that combines a built-in transparent signage display with a cooler.

The 49-in display uses a M+ transparent HD panel with advanced IPS technology that renders brighter images for a vivid digital content. Messages can be managed and displayed remotely with content distribution via the internet or an USB.

Ian Aitken, Exertis, general manager, AV said "The LG Smart Hybrid Cooler has a great many applications particularly across the retail, leisure, hospitality and catering sectors. Customers will be able to see the product first hand at our AV Enablement Suite. For end users, it not only provides the functionality of a cooler that can display product or brand imagery but also the opportunity to generate advertising income."

By eliminating air gap between the door glass and the transparent LCD panel, the LG Smart Hybrid Cooler displays accurate image and colour. Built-in speakers can add to the experience. Proximity sensors automatically switch the display from advertising mode to transparent mode enabling a see-thru view of the cooler contents.

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