LG outlines OLED benefits in ISE exhibits

LG Electronics (LG) showed its Flexible Open Frame OLED, In-Glass Wallpaper OLED and Ultra Stretch LCD signage products at ISE 2017.

Flexible Open Frame OLED allows customers to change the curvature of their installations in either landscape or portrait modes. The curvature of the screen can be changed after installation, allowing for both convex and concave displays.

Other OLED products on stand included LG’s 65-in Dual-View Curved Tiling OLED signage. The display consists of eight connected double-sided, flexible OLED panels, each offering 4K Ultra HD image quality with 3,840 x 2,160 individual pixels . System on a chip (SoC) and 128GB of internal memory are provided. 

LG’s In-Glass Wallpaper is designed with dual-sided OLED panels in a glass pane. Units are available in standing and hanging versions..

The company also introduced its 65 and 55-in OLED videowall products, demonstrating them in portrait and landscape formats. LG’s 1 x 4 OLED videowall unit was on display. 

A videowall, comprised of 12 55-in LCD display panels, was shown and LG unveiled its split-screen capable 86-in Ultra Stretch digital solution, ultra-wide 58:9 signage. The 86-in Ultra Stretch system uses LG SuperSign media editor software for customisation of images and video content.

LG’s largest 88-in Ultra Stretch digital signage handles 32:9 aspect ratio images and are split-screen capable. Equivalent to two 49-in panels connected side-by-side, the display can render fine details and is suitable for kiosk displays, financial institutions and dining establishments. 

Other LG LED digital signage technologies were featured at ISE 2017. The company’s 173-in Ultra HD LED digital signage with 1mm diodes was uniformly arranged. Another technology debuted at the show incorporates LED diodes in a transparent film, which can be installed over windows. The film will be incorporated into digital signage solutions set to roll out in early 2017. 

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