LG launches N+ series network solution

LG has launched a wireless network multi-monitor solution, which can wirelessly link 30 monitors to one computer.

The product is aimed at a wide range of business sectors requiring a multi-display, networked computing solution. The company says the N+ series offers a space-saving solution as it doesn’t require each user/ viewer to have an individual desktop PC.

N+ software is able to divide a single computer’s resources into 30 independent sessions, plus a monitor for an administrator, so that all connected monitors can share the processing power of a single PC - maximising bandwidth to the fullest extent. Using one main PC to run all N+ Network Monitors is also designed to cut costs as businesses save the energy that multiple PCs would have required.

LG’s N+ Network Monitors can be installed in just a few minutes and reduce the amount of maintenance and IT support needed for a typical office or classroom environment where multiple computers are used. The N+ Series also offers USB ports for a keyboard and mouse, providing users with increased flexibility for placement and positioning and all of LG’s N+ Network Monitors render clear, crisp images and a 5-millisecond response rate.

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