LG launches micro LED digital signage

LG has launched its Magnit micro LED digital signage, featuring LG’s black coating display technology alongside a block-assembly design.

The Magnit micro LED features self-emissive pixels of one micrometre scale in size applied to the substrate board and black coating technology applied to the front of the displays to improve contrast and colour accuracy. 

An anti-glare and anti-fingerprint technology are included to remove unsightly smudges, with a display size of 163 inches at 4K resolution. 

LG’s webOS smart signage platform is included for navigation and control of functions including features and presets, alongside an AI-powered image processor to analyse content, sourcing and automatically optimising visual output in real time. 

Each micro LED cabinet measures 600W x 337.5H x 44.9Dmm, linking to other cabinets to allow technicians to erect large-scale displays on site. 

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