LG heads back to school with CreateBoard multitouch whiteboards

LG Electronics is targeting the education sector with the launch of its CreateBoard series of digital whiteboards (models 86TR3DK, 75TR3DK, 65TR3DK and 55TR3DK).

LG CreateBoard provides a 40-point multi-touch screen that offers digital learning applications and remote management via a cloud-based system. The most recent LG CreateBoard models have 3,840 × 2,160 (UHD) resolution displays.

QR verification allows instructors to access their own Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. A Smart Viewing feature makes it possible to display two or more materials on screen, either in separate windows or overlaid in picture-in-picture mode.

The LG CreateBoard Lab application offers writing tools while the LG CreateBoard Share app enables the wireless screensharing of up to nine screens on LG CreateBoard at the same time.

LG’s ConnectedCare Device Management System (DMS) is a cloud-based device management system designed for the education sector and supports remote monitoring and management of multiple displays. IT managers can use the LG ConnectedCare DMS dashboard to monitor their educational institutions’ LG CreateBoard displays and remotely control simple display functions. They can also send alerts to LG CreateBoards.


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