LG debuts non-contact LED signage cabinet

LG has introduced its LED signage (Model LSAA), featuring non-contact connector technology with power sent to each display via pin connectors.

The LSAA features a block-assembly design built around a single LED cabinet hub (600W x 337.5H x 44.9D mm) to provide power and signal to the signage without additional cabling between cabinets. 

The model is capable of delivering up to 4K UHD resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio, allowing users to send and receive signals via non-contact connector technology. 

The LSAA LED cabinet allows users to connect multiple displays of scalable size, able to be set up or reconfigured onsite with wall-mounts and frame-type accessories. 

The cabinet features LG’s AI-powered image processor via the self-emissive display technology, with a 1.2mm distance between pixels. The common cathode method is also used to allow the cathodes of the LEDS to be common and connected to a single pin to prevent excessive power consumption, delivering the specified voltage requirement for each sub-pixel.

LG LSAA with the same AI-powered Image Processor found in LG’s popular high-end TVs delivers vibrant images2 via its self-emissive display technology and narrow 1.2mm distance between pixels, with gaps to narrow even further to less than 1mm in the second half of the year.

To ensure better efficiency, the product employs the common cathode method where the cathodes of the LEDs are common and connected to a single pin to prevent unnecessary power consumption, delivering only the required voltage to each sub-pixel.

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