LG CreateBoard aimed directly at classroom use

LG was at ISE 2023 to show its range of four CreateBoard interactive touchscreens for classrooms. The CreateBoard comes with its own screen-sharing app for mobile devices.

CreateBoard offers a variety of educational templates and teaching tools such as a ruler, table, and sticky notes, allowing for active engagement by students and enabling intuitive classes. Editing images and videos becomes easy with LG CreateBoard, and created resources can be easily shared with others through QR codes.

CreateBoard includes simple import and export functionality. Resources can be saved and imported directly to and from Google Drive or OneDrive, and files can be imported from a USB drive (Users can browse resources saved on USB storage). CreateBoard can simultaneously detect up to 40 points for multi-touch functionality. 

ConnectedCare DMS is a cloud solution for remotely monitoring, controlling, and managing the status of LG CreateBoard installed in educational environments. This feature enables IT managers to operate and manage important resources on operating devices without physically visiting sites (LG ConnectedCare DMS' needs to be purchased separately).

CreateBoard Share enables users to show up to 9 shared screens or a file on a screen in real-time when the LG CreateBoard Share app is installed on the device. Also, files from the host can be sent to any devices connected to the LG CreateBoard Share app, and several quick controls by the host are available.

CreateBoard supports wireless Bluetooth connections to various devices such as a speaker, mouse, keyboard, etc. This is optimal for building a hybrid environment so that online and offline classes can proceed smoothly.

It is available in 55-in, 65-in, 75-in and 86-in sizes. 

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