Leyard breaks 1mm LED pixel pitch barrier with TWA Series

Leyard has announced the 0.9mm TWA Series LED videowall display, delivering a pixel pitch of just 0.9mm.

The TWA Series 0.9mm is suitable for conference rooms, control rooms or any application in which high quality, close-up viewing is needed. 

The TWA Series features a ‘flat panel’ design that includes a 16:9 form factor optimised for the most popular high resolution standards. Leyard TWA Series displays are self-contained units with standard HDMI inputs and looping, along with optional redundant configurations.

The larger 54-inch cabinet means more of the videowall is factory-aligned, easing the time and cost of installation with fewer displays to align and seams to perfect.

The larger units also mean that fewer displays are needed to create a videowall, reducing the potential points-of-service.

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