Leyard and Planar highlight videowalls at ISE 2020

Leyard and Planar displayed a selection of videowall technology at the show, including its ‘transparent’ OLED display, LCD videowalls, rental and staging LEDs, a custom LED videowall and a fine pitch LED series.

Fine pitch LED 
Leyard and Planar provided a demonstration of 0.6mm technology, alongside fine pitch LED systems such as the latest DirectLight X LED videowall system and the TVF series LED videowall range. 

DirectLight X adds video processing and management capabilities to Leyard and Planar’s fine pitch LED videowall line, incorporating up to date 4K video standards, signal extension, multi-source  processing and web-based graphical control software.

The TVF LED videowall range was shown, available in models with 1.2, 1.5, 1.8 and 2.5mm pixel pitches in a 27-in display cabinet. 

The LED features front serviceability and a stackable design to negate cabinet-to-cabinet cabling. 
ERO-LED (extended ruggedness and optics) protective surface technology for the TVF series was also shown, designed to protect the LED displays from dust, electro-static discharge, humidity, casual human contact and impact at the front and edges. 

Custom LED videowall

The CarbonLight CLI Flex was demonstrated, bending into curves up to 25-in. The LED videowalls can combine to create concave or convex videowalls, enabling smooth curves that do not cause colour shift. 

The LED modules can be combined with the CarbonLight CLI series, forming a videowall with both flat and curved surfaces, available in 1.5, 1.9, 2.6 and 3.9 mm pixel pitches. 

Leyard Planar CarbonLight cli-flex-module-extreme-convex

Rental and Staging  
The VS Series LED videowall displays were shown at the show, available in 2.5, 3.9 and 4.8mm pixel pitches 

The CarbonLight LED display series was also showcased, an adaptable LED display that can be used in a variety of use cases including outdoor standard pitch, mesh and LED flooring.

LCD videowalls 

The expanded Clarity Matrix G3 LCD videowall system was displayed, with a 55-in model featuring a sub 1mm tiled bezel in addition to a new 65-in model with 4K resolution. 
The Clarity Matrix G3 MX55M LCD videowall displays include a 0.88mm tiled bezel width.

The Planar VM series line of LCD videowall displays was highlighted, with the 55-in Planar VM55MX-M and Planar VM55LX-M, featuring a 0.88mm tiled bezel width and native full HD resolution.

Leyard Planar Clarity Matrix G3 LCD Video Wall System

Transparent OLED technology for see-through applications

Planar’s LookThru transparent OLED display was showcased, allowing for an almost frameless glass design by using OLED technology, negating the need for a backlight or enclosure. 
The LookThru OLED display features 38% light transmissivity, allowing consumers to see a product or scenes behind the display. 

LookThru is available in a 55-in full HD resolution.

Leyard Planar LookThru_Retail-Instore

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